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 NORTHERN DANCE OFF is a dance Festival held in various cities. We strive at bringing performance opportunities to dancers. Each season adjudicators will witness the talent and award dancers of all ages. We feel that healthy competitive dance is a stepping stone to developing well rounded humble and respectful dancers, that when ready to transition into the professional world, will have gathered some of the key elements to a career in dance.  We feel that Competitive Dance helps young individuals become disciplined, organized and it develops great work ethic. Not to mention the ample amount of training it gives dancers to become better technicians and performers.

We invite you to join us as a spectator or a participant and enjoy the performances!




 Shannon Logan was a dance mom/grandmother who brightened up everyones day. Shannon commited herself to providing dance education to her granddaughter for many years. Her posittive attitude, her kindness to all dancers, and her willingness to help out unconditionally had made her a very special woman and friend to many. Sadly, Shannon became the victim of the deadly disease cancer. Her will to fight was above and beyond anyones strength. We miss her dearly, and we know that Shannon is in a better place Shinning that STAR! 

The award we have developed is called "Shannon's Shinning Star" and we allow the adjudicator in each solo category to pick a recipient for the draw. The dancers name gets put in a draw and at the end of the festival we pick a winner for an outstanding $500 cash award! A dancer can have their name included more than once. So stand out and become "Shannon's Shinning Star"!!